Too Good To Waste is the theme for the 28th annual WasteMINZ conference.

The theme builds upon our recent work on food waste, most notably through our Love Food Hate Waste campaign. This work has shown us that food waste is a major issue in New Zealand. Every time we throw out food – our bread crusts or last night’s leftovers – it adds up.

The same can be said of the many waste streams we all encounter on a daily basis. It might seem like just a few plastic bottles here and a box of polystyrene there, but all of this ‘waste’ has taken huge amounts of resources to produce. Should we really be wasting it? Surely we can do better?

Let’s explore how, through collective action, we can do a better job. We firmly believe that waste is an action, rather than a thing. It’s only waste if we make it so.

Where and when:

The 2016 conference is being held at the TSB Arena, Wellington.

The conference runs from 17 to 20 October. The details being:

  • Monday 17 October
    • Compost Market Development Workshop (10am to 5pm)
    • Territorial Authority Forum (Midday to 5pm)
  • Tuesday 18 October to Thursday 20 October – Main conference programme

Please see the conference webpage here for full details.