At WasteMINZ we are always looking for ways we can add value for our members, and as part of this we have been evaluating the range of services we offer. Based on significant feedback, particularly from our local government members, we are pleased to announce that effective immediately, we are launching a procurement listing service. Want to know what this means for you? Make sure you read on.

What is it?

If you are looking to procure a product or service in the waste and resource recovery space, then WasteMINZ is here to help. Whether you want a new contractor to undertake your recycling collection, a manufacturer to supply your MGBs or crates, or a consultant to implement a behaviour change campaign, we can ensure that your procurement process gets in front of the right people.

WasteMINZ has over 1,000 members and many of these are suppliers to the industry. In short, if you want maximum reach to ensure a range of high quality responses, WasteMINZ can help!

How it works:

The first thing to do is contact me Carole Inglis with the details of your procurement process. She will work with you to determine the very best approach, to ensure you maximise your response. This may include:

  1. A procurement listing on the home page of linking to all the relevant documents
  2. Distribution through WasteMINZ social media channels (including Facebook and Twitter)
  3. Personal referral by WasteMINZ to appropriate providers
  4. Inclusion in WasteMINZ weekly e-newsletter (where space and content allows)
  5. Perhaps even advertising in Waste Awareness (charges apply for advertising in Waste Awareness)

And the best part is…

We are very pleased to let you know that the core service is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. There is a cost to advertising in Waste Awareness if you choose to, however this element is entirely optional.

Plus because the service is free it means you don’t have to decide between using our service and your existing advertising channels, so really it’s a no brainer.

Get listing now!

We encourage you to make use of this free service, as we know that it will enhance your procurement outcomes. So make sure you let everyone in your team who procures waste and recycling services know about this service, so they can take advantage of it too.

If you have any questions about the service or if you would like to make a listing please contact Carole Inglis.