The Measurement and Product Safety Service (MAPSS) is the government regulator responsible for administering and enforcing the Trade Measurement System that ensures goods are bought and sold on the basis of recognised, informed and accurate weights and measure.

MAPSS have carried out checks on packages of compost and similar products sold by volume at a retail level from all major brands to establish the level of compliance with the Weights and Measures Act 1987.

When they carried out these checks, they detected a significant number of non-compliance in regards to short quantity and labelling of quantity.

MAPSS is now proposing an alternative procedure to ensure the compliance requirements of the Act are met and have developed:

  • Draft Guidelines for determining the volume of packaged composts, mulches or soils with a stated quantity of 40 litres or less and;
  • Testing procedures for manufacturers and packers to determine the volume of bags of compost equal to or less than 40 litres.

You can read the letter that MAPPS sent WasteMINZ here and view the MAPPS’ compost testing results

You can review the MAPSS’ guidelines here.

You can review the MAPSS’ testing procedures here.

If you wish to give feedback on the Guidelines or Testing Procedures, please forward it to Kevin Gudmundsson (Measurement and Product Safety Service, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment) at by 19 July 2013.