In July 2013 WasteMINZ applied to the Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) to develop a national waste data framework.  The application was made with the support of a wide cross-section of the waste industry, including central, regional and local government, and the private sector.

Form of the framework:

The application proposed that the development of a national waste data framework would take the following form:

  • A staged-approach for developing a national waste data framework, focusing initially on the most important elements while also setting out a clear ‘upgrade’ path to include other elements.
  • The first stage of the framework would include data on waste disposed of at levied disposal sites and information on waste services and infrastructure.
  • Subsequent stages of the framework would include data on diverted materials and waste disposed of at non-levied disposal sites.

Framework deliverables:

It was proposed that the framework would establish the following:

  • Definitions for waste data terms
  • Protocols for gathering waste data that meets the definitions
  • Protocols for managing and reporting waste data
  • Roles and obligations of key parties
  • Information system requirements for national waste data reporting.

At this stage we do not have any further information to report on the framework project or the associated funding.

Guidance for TAs to ensure compatibility:

A number of territorial authorities are considering establishing, or have already established, waste bylaws under s.56 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (WMA).  This information is specifically relevant to bylaws that include the licensing of waste collectors and the reporting of waste data by the licensed collectors.

WasteMINZ is aware that several TAs with existing bylaws are seeking to make progress in the near future on waste data reporting by licensed waste collectors.  With this in mind, this interim information document is intended to:

  • Provide TAs with an update on progress towards a national waste data framework
  • Suggest ways in which TAs can ensure that any new systems will be compatible with the proposed national framework when it becomes available.

The approach suggested in the interim document draws on two current initiatives:

  • Work towards developing a national waste data framework
  • Progress by Auckland Council on reporting by licensed waste collectors

Interim information document:

You can review the interim information document here.

We have also included a background document on the National Waste Data framework to provide you with the rationale behind our approach.

WasteMINZ strongly encourages all territorial authorities to factor this information and approach into their thinking. This will ensure that any system a territorial authority may develop in the interim will be compatible with the framework once developed.

Thanks, the WasteMINZ team.