The WasteMINZ Board is elected by our members to provide governance for WasteMINZ, as well as monitoring the organisation’s performance. The Board must also set the strategic direction, and importantly, protect the integrity of the organisation by ensuring that robust systems and processes are in place and adhered to.

The Board consists of six WasteMINZ financial members who are elected for a term of two years. Three of the six elected Board members complete their two-year terms at alternate Annual General Meetings.

This year the following board members will have completed their two-year term:

  • Paul Bishop, EnviroWaste (retiring)
  • John Dragicevich, Auckland Council (re-standing)
  • Dominic Salmon, Hastings District Council (re-standing)

The remaining three Board members Darren Patterson (Chair), Simonne Eldridge (Deputy Chair) and Grahame Christian complete their two year term of office in October 2016.

Nominations: We received a total of eight eligible nominations before the closing date. The nominees are as follows:

  1. John Dragicevich (Auckland Council)
  2. Rod Enoka (Mil-tek)
  3. Marty Hoffart (Waste Watchers)
  4. David Howie (Waste Management)
  5. Alec McNeil (Marlborough District Council)
  6. Wayne Plummer (EnviroWaste)
  7. Dominic Salmon (Hastings District Council)
  8. Jeff Seadon (Auckland University of Technology)

You can read their detailed personal profiles by clicking here.

Voting: Voting will be via electronic means and information will be sent to the primary contact of each financial member in the week beginning Monday 21 September 2015. Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 9 October 2015.

Annual General Meeting: The elected Board members will be announced at the WasteMINZ Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 20 October 2015 at the WasteMINZ Conference in Rotorua.