WasteMINZ Blog - August 2016

Summary of WasteMINZ Board meeting (18 August 2016)

The WasteMINZ Board met in Wellington on Thursday 18 August for our quarterly Board meeting. Here’s a quick summary of the key things we discussed.Present: Grahame Christian, Smart... Read More

WasteMINZ conference: Share your small wins with us

Whilst some organisations have the capacity to undertake significant projects such as establishing new resource recovery centres or introducing new collection systems, there are many WasteMINZ... Read More

Consultation on updating of New Zealand Recycling Symbols (RONZ)

To make it easier for the public to recycle effectively, in October 2015 councils around New Zealand, the Packaging Forum (who initiate public place recycling schemes); and key industry partners... Read More

Landfill Operating Training Courses

Three Landfill Operating Training Courses13th to 14th September 201620th to 21st September 201627th to 28th September 2016Location: Redvale LandfillCost: $950 + GST per personContact:Waste... Read More

Cleanfill, Construction and Demolition Landfill for sale

Established operation6.3 million cubic metre expansion securedExpressions of Interest close 7 September 2016 C&D Landfill,... Read More

WasteMINZ Board nominations

Nominations for election to the WasteMINZ Board are now open and close Friday 2 September 2016.The WasteMINZ Board is elected by our members to provide governance for WasteMINZ, as well as... Read More