Large Lithium-Ion Battery Industry Group

Vector has been collaborating with a number of business who have large lithium-ion batteries (stationary and mobile) in their value chain. This Battery Leaders Group has contributed to research commissioned by Vector on circular economy opportunities for lithium-ion batteries, with a view to responsible end-of-life management.

The group, whose members include Audi, BMW, Toyota, Waste Management, Sims Pacific Metals and the Scrap Metals Recycling Association of NZ, is now being expanded to a wider Battery Industry Group (B.I.G.).

B.I.G. will kick off in the coming few weeks and aims to deliver, within 12 months, a proposal for a self-financing Product Stewardship Scheme for large batteries.

The Scheme will be:

  • Applicable to all large batteries but focused on lithium-ion.
  • Aligned with work on small lithium-ion batteries where possible e.g. in end of life management.
  • Aligned with, and learn from, related schemes e.g. TyreWise, but will respond to the unique characteristics of batteries: they come from both stationary energy storage and mobile / EV sources; they have a significant potential for second life application, they have changing chemistries and technologies etc.

B.I.G. is likely to test end-of-life solutions in parallel to inform the Product Stewardship Scheme proposal, and will also develop practical safety guidance around use, transport, storage and end-of-life management of used lithium-ion batteries.

The core B.I.G. group will commit their time, and potentially funds, to help draft the Product Stewardship Scheme. A wider group of experts and stakeholders will be invited to actively comment on drafts of the proposed scheme.

Please contact Juhi Shareef, who is on the WasteMINZ Product Stewardship Steering Committee, if you’d like to be part of this wider group: