Increasingly, brands are seeing the value in promoting the sustainability of their products. More and more claims are being made about what the product is made from e.g. it’s plant-based or plastic free.

In some cases, whether intentionally or inadvertently, this is resulting in brands misleading the public. For example, some brands are claiming their product is “plastic free” when it is made from a plant-based compostable plastic. Others are stating a product is “plant-based” which may suggest it is completely made from plants, when in fact it may contain an ingredient such as PBAT which is a fossil fuel-based plastic. The chart below highlights the wide range of plastics currently on the market. 

WasteMINZ has initiated a working group to produce a two page document targeted at brands/marketers/retailers so they can better understand the terms used to advertise the materials used in compostable products and packaging, and to provide guidance on what types of claims can be misleading.

The working group is made up of representatives from Plastics NZ; retailers; producers of compostable packaging, composters and local government. The group aims to get a draft form of the factsheet prepared by December. For more information on this working group please email