It was great to hear a room buzzing with excited CLM practitioners at our CLM Networking Event 7 November 2019.

Over fifty WasteMINZ members came together for two and half hours, to listen to two interesting presentations and to network with colleagues, clients and peers. 

The first presentation was delivered by Harry Sparkes from the hosts, Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd. Harry’s presentation was entitled Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) – it is all natural. It was a great overview and provided an explanation of what is ASS, how they are formed, where examples can be found in Auckland, regulations and standards for New Zealand and Australia, and a management and remediation steps. Harry’s presentation sparked a lively Q&A session on this important topic. 

The second presentation that evening was shared between Greg Beck (Cato Bolam) and James Corbett – Auckland Council. They built on the panel discussion from the WasteMINZ Conference, with their presentation title The NES and questions you were too afraid to ask. It was an excellent opportunity to hear a regulator’s perspective, alongside a consultant.  

A common theme throughout was the importance of doing the right thing by your clients, and to not default to in depth sampling (Detailed Site Inspection –  DSI) when there’s no history of HAIL activity, and a Preliminary Site Inspection (PSI) would support the conclusion that the site is not covered by the NESCS.  

Nic Quilty concluded the evening with a thank you to Pattle Delamore Partners for being such great hosts, and for being so generous with the refreshments which were enjoyed by all.

If you are interested in hosting or presenting at our next CLM Networking Event, please contact Nic Quilty, 


L:R Greg Beck (Cato Bolam), Natalie Webster (PDP), Geoff Milsom (Chief Executive PDP), James Corbett (Auckland Council), Harry Sparkes (PDP), and Nic Quilty (WasteMINZ CLM Sector Projects Manager)