You will all be aware that, since the weekend, the New Zealand government has put in place a number of directives and procedures to ‘flatten the curve’ in light of the current coronavirus situation.

As a member organisation in an industry that impacts on the health and wellbeing of the nation (and even has a dedicated Health and Safety Sector Group), WasteMINZ has a duty of care to our teams, our members, their clients and customers to ensure that we uphold these recommendations, while ensuring that we encourage a balanced approach with an emphasis on personal responsibility rather than mass alarm.

For the near foreseeable future:  

Networking, training and information-sharing events will be postponed until after 1 June 2020, giving us time to monitor the situation and act according to recommendations at that date. This includes:

    • Contaminated Land Management Networking event, 26 March 2020, Hamilton
    • WasteMINZ Study Tour, 4 – 6 May, Napier to Wellington.

Please note that they are only postponed, not cancelled; we’ll update you on the new dates for both events in due course.  Thank you to our presenters, hosts and members for their understanding.


At this stage we are proceeding with our plans for the 2020 Conference (19 – 22 October, Rotorua). We are developing contingency plans should it not be viable to meet in person.

We will send out more information once our plans are confirmed – but in the meantime, save the dates.  The Conference theme ‘Be the change’ is very apt right now.

Meetings and workshops:

We are encouraging meetings between the Sector Group Steering Committees, working and advisory groups and the WasteMINZ team to take place virtually rather than in person over the next two months, until we review the situation as at 1 June 2020.

Many of these meetings already happen by teleconference; we would also recommend you investigate Skype Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar and training platforms like Thinkific as ways to connect and share information.

We will host more webinars and online training activities over the coming months. As with the Conference, this was always the plan for 2020, so we can reach more of our members, with more relevant information, more of the time. Keep an eye out for more news on this soon.

The WasteMINZ team will be working from home more frequently over the coming weeks, so here are our details so you can contact us directly:





Janine Brinsdon
Chief Executive

022 309 6690

Mon-Fri (and out of hours)

CJ Dooner
Corporate Services Manager

0272 428 475



Sharmaine Oakley
Membership Coordinator

Via email


Sarah Pritchett

Sustainability Advisor

021 082 54606


Nic Quilty

Sector Projects Manager

021 611 337



Jill Marshall
Communications Manager

022 697 1267



Jenny Marshall

Sector Projects Manager

021 176 2332

After 27 Apr 2020

Apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused by changes to our plans. We will continue to work with you as closely as ever over the coming months – it may just be digitally rather than in person.

Keep well, and take care of yourselves, each other and your communities.

Ngā mihi nui

Janine Brinsdon