There have been issues reported from members involved in the collection and transportation of waste, at the entry and exit borders across the Auckland Region.  These issues have resulted in delays at the border for staff reaching their place of work and for deliveries. 

The escalation of these issues has resulted in updated information being uploaded to the COVID-19 website, along with clearer guidance. 

Limited travel for work purposes

Very limited travel across the Auckland boundary is permitted for some work purposes. Most people will not be allowed to travel across the Auckland regional boundary for work, even if their workplace is operating.

You are permitted to travel into or out of Auckland for work if you:

  • are moving freight. All freight (goods, livestock, waste, etc.) movements can occur into, out of and through Auckland. You should carry documentation, e.g. a purchase or distribution order to show to Police.
  • are involved in dairy, horticultural or poultry production, processing, or distribution, and have been provided a letter by your employer from the Ministry for Primary Industries.
  • are providing health services (including disability and mental health) or in an emergency
  • are a contracted transport provider taking children to or from school
  • are working on building and construction for critical infrastructure projects, or where this is needed for immediate health and safety risks
  • are providing scientific services, in particular those supporting the COVID-19 response
  • are a utility or communication provider — including the news media
  • work in emergency services
  • are an electoral candidate
  • are providing services under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989, or other social services to maintain critical wellbeing and as crisis support for people who are unsafe or homeless
  • are supporting or delivering Managed Isolation and Quarantine services, including movement from other ports to Auckland facilities
  • working at New Zealand Steel Limited’s Glenbrook Steel Mill site
  • work in transport or logistics providers that operate at, or through, an aerodrome, passenger or freight aviation services, passenger or freight shipping services, road freight services, rail freight services, and public transport services that are under contract with a territorial authority
  • work for organisations supporting critical transport infrastructure that maintains public health and safety
  • work for a postal operator or courier service
  • work for organisations listed in Schedule 1 of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002(external link).

You do not need to apply for an exemption or permission if you are travelling for these reasons.

Each individual should carry an official, recently dated, letter — either in hard copy or on your phone — from your employer that:

  • indicates your travel is necessary, and
  • clearly states which of the above categories you are travelling under.

Please also ensure you carry photo identification.

For more information please visit the official government site:,-out-of,-and-through-auckland