Fonterra is moving some of its Anchor milk bottle range from conventional fossil based plastics to non-biodegradable biobased plastics, which can be recycled and repurposed in the same way as any other natural HDPE bottle.

Sugarcane is used to make this plant-based HDPE plastic. The molecular structure of bio HDPE is exactly the same as regular natural HDPE, which is widely used to make milk bottles, meaning it will be fully kerbside recyclable.

We welcome this innovation to the market however it is important that consumers recognise that while the bottles are recyclable, they are not compostable and that this is communicated clearly to the market by Fonterra to avoid any confusion.
The plant-based milk bottles will initially be available in the North Island, with a view to expand distribution and use based on consumer response. Anchor will launch with 300,000 Blue two-litre bottles per month.

Fonterra has provided us with a fact sheet that explains the bottle’s composition.

Download the New Anchor Plant Based Milk Bottle Fact Sheet final