The Ministry of Transport has warned there may be a higher expectation of evidence today (Tuesday) to support legitimate travel from one alert level area to another. 

For anyone driving a truck or other kind of obvious freight/logistics vehicle, the vehicle itself should be evidence enough but it recommends drivers be prepared to provide other evidence of the purpose of their trip, just in case. Those travelling in private cars or unmarked vehicles should expect to be stopped and requested to provide evidence.

Evidence can be provided either through an employer’s letter or a Business Travel Document issued by registering with MBIE.

Business travel documents are likely to be easier and quicker for Police to interpret at checkpoints than employer letters. However, registering staff online through MBIE’s Business Travel Register website is not too difficult and it only needs to be done once.

The Business Travel Register will generate Business Travel Documents for workers to display at checkpoints. This includes a QR code, which enables Police at the cordon to verify the document digitally against the travel register. See this video on how to register or find more information here.