28 August 2021

As you’ll all be aware, a change in alert levels from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 for all of New Zealand that is south of Auckland/Northland is very likely to be in effect from 11.59pm Tuesday 31 August.  Auckland and Northland are to remain in Alert Level 4.

Crossing the Alert Level boundary south of Auckland will be a restricted activity and you will need to register all of your ‘essential worker” staff who need to do so in the MBIE portal which is expected to open “around” 12pm, Sunday 29 August 2021.

Please review the information available at this link Business travel across Alert Level Boundaries — business.govt.nz on travel across regional boundaries (there is a YouTube video and we note that more guidance is to come).

Key messages include that:  

    • Registrations and travel documents from last time will not roll over, although we understand the system should still recognise your business account and details from last time
    • If you have not done this before, you will need to set up an account
    • Employees cannot register themselves. A single authorised person for a business should make a request on their behalf 
    • You will also need the names of all the workers you are requesting documents for
    • Your workers will need to carry the evidence of their successful registration, including the QR code, preferably as a hard copy letter, or on their phones.

We understand from last time that the border did create delays. Please pass this information on to anyone providing waste and recycling essential services that is likely to be impacted.

The information is being distributed wider than just the Auckland region as we have seen how quickly changes to the alert levels can impact operations across the country. 

Personal travel (non-essential business travel) 
Here is the latest information available: https://covid19.govt.nz/travel/travelling-across-alert-level-boundaries/personal-travel-permissions-over-an-alert-level-4-and-3-boundary/