This update shares key information about the Government’s response to COVID-19. It is intended to provide consistent information across central government, local government, CDEM and our key partners. You are welcome to share this update with others.

 Key things to note:

  • Isolation period update:
    • For cases and household contacts
    • For critical workers
  • Changes to reporting of total COVID-19 deaths.
  • Vaccination and booster updates
  • Testing positive for COVID-19, infographics and other assets are now available.

 Isolation period for cases and household contacts

  • The isolation period for COVID-19 cases and their household contacts has been reduced from 10 to seven days.   
  • Household contacts will need to have a rapid antigen test at day 3 and day 7 – or if they become symptomatic – and if the result is positive, they are required to isolate for seven days from that point.
  • If a person is isolating and still has symptoms after seven days, they are advised to stay home until 24 hours after symptoms resolve.
  • Other household members do not have to reset their isolation and can leave isolation on day 8, the same day as the first case can leave isolation, provided they have returned negative RATs results and are not symptomatic.

Isolation period for critical workers| Guidance for critical health services during an Omicron outbreak | Ministry of Health NZ

  • Critical workers who have someone in their household who has tested positive for COVID-19, may be able to continue working if they are:
    • are fully vaccinated
    • do not have symptoms;
    • return a negative RAT before each shift or day of work.
  • Employers will be able to tell someone if they are a critical worker and if so, what they need to do. When not at work, workers will need to isolate like any other household contact. Critical healthcare workers that are household contacts or cases have some additional exemptions. The key message for everyone is if you feel sick, stay at home.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine update

  • Managed Isolation and Quarantine is beginning to scale down its operations as international travel starts back up as part of Reconnecting New Zealand.
  • By the end of June, 28 of the current 32 facilities will leave the MIQ network and return to being hotels.

Information in other languages and alternate formats

  • You can find a wide variety of COVID-19 information in 27 languages and 4 alternate formats on the Unite Against COVID-19 website. Key information includes:
    • COVID-19 Our Isolation Plan
    • Getting your booster dose
    • Protecting your tamariki from COVID-19
    • Wearing a face mask
    • Testing
    • Support for if you get COVID-19
    • Support for individuals and families
  • We will continue to update our translated information as the situation develops.

Posters and resources

  • Examples of the resources we have available are below, these can be downloaded through our online platform, Toolkit (COVID-19 Resource Toolkit ( These have also been translated into 27 languages, which can be found here.

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