Case numbers fall in Auckland

Case numbers in Auckland continue to track down which confirms last week’s optimism that Auckland has passed the peak of Omicron cases.

Case numbers are expected to continue to decline over the coming weeks.

There is an expected long tail of this outbreak likely to occur. There are concerns the outbreak will start to
impact older and more medically vulnerable populations.

At this stage, cases remain predominantly in younger age groups, however, there is an increasing number of older people in hospitals with severe illness.

It’s important to remain vigilant to prevent further spread into groups who are at higher risk of ending up in hospital.

Travel FAQs

This document has information relating to Reconnecting NZ, self-isolation, and the future.


The border opening for Australians has been brought forward.

  • From 11:59pm 12 April 2022, fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can enter New Zealand without self-isolation or entering managed isolation and quarantine.
  • From 11:59pm 1 May 2022, fully vaccinated visitors from visa waiver countries, and visitors from other countries who already hold a valid visitor visa can enter New Zealand without entering self-isolation or managed isolation and quarantine.

More information:

Visit the Unite Against Covid website.

Who can enter New Zealand now?

The following fully vaccinated people can enter New Zealand now from anywhere in the world and do not need to self-isolate or enter managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ).

  • New Zealand citizens and residents.
  • Skilled workers earning at least 1.5x the median wage may be eligible to be granted an ‘other critical worker’ border exception.
  • Travellers on a working holiday scheme.
  • Other eligible travellers under current border settings.

More information:

Who is eligible to travel to New Zealand under current border settings and what you need to do before and after you enter New Zealand.