Introducing... revolve online

03.05.23 12:27 PM By WasteMINZ

We’ve been reviewing revolve magazine for the past year. We know that many of you appreciate the articles included in the magazine, but we agree that it’s difficult to find time to read an online PDF all at once. We can see this from the statistics as well. Approximately 30% of members open each email about revolve magazine and between 10-20% click on the link to read the magazine. 


We're now introducing revolve online, which is our new way of sharing and reading interesting articles, knowledge and resources.


What's changing?

Instead of releasing a magazine every three months, we’ll be publishing articles of note regularly on our website, and we’ll share these through the Circular and on our social media channels.


You’ll still be able to read all the great updates from our sector groups, case studies, research and Board updates that are included in revolve magazine, but these articles will be published more regularly and in an easier to read format on our website. This also makes it easier for you to share and discuss articles of interest with your peers.


We’ve been testing this way of sharing information for a few months – you can see articles from the last edition of Revolve here.


If you have a fantastic topic you’d like to write about – whether that’s a case study, research, an innovative initiative from your organisation, or a story of staff/teams going above and beyond – let us know! We want to share the amazing work from our sectors throughrevolve online.


If you have any questions, contact Leeana on