Lead the way - work better with remote and isolated workers

23.08.22 01:43 PM By WasteMINZ

Following the prescribed Risk Management Process, PCBUs must first try to eliminate the risk so far as is reasonably practicable.

If you can’t eliminate the risk of remote and isolated operations, implement measures/processes to ensure individuals safety at all times:

  • Use a communications plan containing who is one site and where at any one time – manual contact confirming when, estimated time on site, and when leaving site.
  • Provide a man down alarm or duress alarm that is monitored 24/7. Apply a process/fail safe trigger and apply if someone fails to “check in” at set times
  • Training for all lone workers where a situation may arise including, but not limited to: first aid, conflict resolution and PPE etc
  • Where possible, always have two people on site and/or ensure that two people are available to inspect work area and requirements pre-and-post work.
  • Workers should never put themselves at risk when working alone, when in any doubt Stop, Look, Assess and Manage the Risk.