Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land updated

13.10.22 12:11 PM By WasteMINZ

WasteMINZ has released an updated version of the Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land to include Class 3 Waste Acceptance Criteria and revised Class 4 Waste Acceptance Criteria.


The Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land provide technical guidance relating to the siting, design, operation and monitoring of landfills in New Zealand, based on local and international experience.


The Guidelines have been updated to include waste acceptance criteria (WAC) for Class 3 - Managed Fills. In addition, some of the WAC for Class 4 – Managed Fills have been revised to ensure consistency between the Class 3 and 4 waste class definitions and WAC.


Member of the Technical Guidelines reference group, Simonne Eldridge, said it was important for operators, consultants and regulators to be up-to-date on the latest good practice guidelines.

“Disposal to land is a very technical subject, and these guidelines provide clarity around what is considered good practice.

“The updated version ensures that the guidelines are consistent with the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the Waste Disposal Levy expansion.”


The Technical Guidelines were published in 2016 and revised in 2018. This revision was undertaken to provide WAC for Class 3 fills and to address issues raised by the Regional Waste and Contaminated Land Officers Forum (now the Contaminated Land and Waste Special Interest Group).


The updates were developed by a reference group, including members of the WasteMINZ Disposal to Land sector group steering committee, industry experts and Ministry for Environment staff, and consultants PDP.


Find out more and read the guidelines on the WasteMINZ website