Webinar - What is eco-modulation?

29.07.22 01:42 PM By WasteMINZ

Ever wondered exactly what eco-modulation is and how it and other tools can be applied to incentivise more circular product and packaging design through product stewardship? Join our international speaker, Dominic Hogg, who will present a webinar discussing:

  • extended producer responsibility/product stewardship 
  • what is eco-modulation and when is it best applied? 
  • the difference between cost recovery fees and eco modulation fees in the context of product stewardship schemes, and more!
Dominic is presenting from the UK, where he has been researching, campaigning and consulting on environmental issues for over 30 years. Dominic founded Eunomia (UK) in 2001 and struck out on his own in October 2020. This webinar is a must attend for anyone with an interest in product stewardship schemes, whether regulated or voluntary. 
There is a fee for this due to the international expertise we are bringing in. 

Cost: $49 for members and $73.50 for non-members.

When: Tuesday, 2 August - 9am. Register here.