Join us for a Contaminated Land Management member networking event, which is sponsored by Pattle Delamore Partners.   

Our thanks to Graeme Proffitt, from Pattle Delamore Partners, for kindly providing our networking venue. 


  • Harry Sparkes, Senior Environmental Geologist at Pattle Delamore Partners:
    • Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS), it’s all natural. Harry’s presentation will cover the following key questions:
      • What are Acid Sulphate Soils?
      • How do they form and where are they found?
      • Why are they potentially a problem?
      • Some case studies – are they present in New Zealand?
      • How can we determine if they’re present?
      • What legislation applies and what guidelines are out there?
      • How can we manage ASS if we find it?


  • James Corbett, Principal Contaminated Land Specialist from Auckland Council, and Greg Beck, Land Contaminated Principal at Cato Bolam Consultants.
    • NES and questions you were too afraid to ask! James’ and Greg’s presentation will cover the key points:
      • Is it broke? (Basic run through of the questions that were asked in the panel discussion on Working with the NESCS at the WasteMINZ conference
      • What can we fix? (Key areas for change e.g. HAIL; P.A. triggers and thresholds; Controlled activities; Application PSI vs. DSI guidance)
      • What’s it going to cost you? (What we, as an industry, need to do to move it on up, e.g. working groups to assist MfE; written guidance; advocate)

Biographies of presenters

Harry is a Senior Environmental Geologist with over five years’ experience in contaminated land investigation, risk assessment and remediation.  Harry worked at a geo-environmental consultancy in the UK for 3 ½ years before moving to a specialist emergency oil-spill response role for a further year.  Since moving to New Zealand in 2018, Harry has managed a wide range of projects and further developed specialisms in hydrocarbon, asbestos and acid sulphate soil contamination and associated remediation techniques.

James Corbett is Principal Contaminated Land Specialist with Auckland Council’s Engineering & Technical Services in operations, providing advice on managing council’s land contamination issues. He is, has, and more likely than not is being or has been undertaken by questions about the NES, and now deems it an activity or industry in its own right.

Greg Beck is the Land Contamination Principal for Cato Bolam Consultants in Auckland. He has nearly 25 years of experience in environmental management in the United States and New Zealand and is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with a Site Contamination speciality within the EIANZ certification scheme. Greg spent the first 15 years of his career in both the private consulting and regulatory sides of the environmental industry in the United States. Over the past eight and a half years following his shift to New Zealand in 2011, Greg has slowly toured the major urban areas of the country, having spent two and a half years with Aurecon in Wellington, three years with Environment Canterbury in Christchurch and the past three years in Auckland, where he deals with the consequences of the NES on a near-daily basis.

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