Whether you’re a manager, an employee or a contractor we all have one thing in common at the moment – we’re all working from home.  A sudden shift to remote work can leave employees feeling displaced and fearful for their future. 

With this new reality comes new challenges. As we pass the two-week mark in the Level 4 Lockdown, mental wellbeing and team leadership, expert Sue Kohn-Taylor will follow up on her webinar on ‘Setting up your team for remote working success’ to provide you with how to continue successfully, including:

  • Leading an effective remote team – success and pitfalls
  • How managers can support remote employees and keeping them engaged
  • Checking in on wellbeing
  • Routines, tips and tricks

About the presenter: 

Sue Kohn-Taylor is a personal development coach and has worked with corporate clients and individuals for over 12 years.  People development, employee wellbeing strategy, mental fitness, mental health, stress management and resilience are her specialties.  She has worked with thousands of people globally one on one, in workshops and through seminars and conferences.  Sue writes articles regularly, has an E-Inspiration site, a newly launched podcast and features on breakfast TV every month.

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