Each week, WasteMINZ will update their members on the impact of COVID-19 across the waste, resource recovery and contaminated land sectors. 

Confirmed panelists for this week are Kevin Lavery the National Coordinator for Essential Council Services for SOLGM, and Phillip Eyles, Lead Strategic Advisor from DIA.  Roderick Boys from MfE will also be on the panel. 

Kevin will cover:

  • How DIA, LGNZ and SOLGM are working together
  • An overview of the main workstreams
  • What we’re doing in the waste workstream, including the work with WasteMINZ

Phillip will cover:

  • Overview of the Covid 19 – decision making framework
  • Update on national workstreams for PPE
  • Update on SOLGM/DIA workstream to identify the sectors PPE requirements

During the webinar, you will have the chance to ask questions.  These questions will be recorded and if the panellists are unable to answer immediately, they will commit to a future reply.

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