Presented by Rob Tinholt (Resource Recovery Manager, Watercare), the webinar will cover the history and process of updating the current (2003) “Guidelines for the safe application of biosolids to land”, the reasons and analysis behind updating the schedule of contaminants addressed, the changes in the concentration limits, and the expansion of the product suite to cover “organic materials”.

The webinar will conclude with the current status and a snapshot of “where to from here”. Webinar participants are invited to provide comments regarding any support, advice or general concerns they may have at the end of the webinar, or over subsequent weeks.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  1. Background to the current biosolids guidelines and need for update – 10 minutes
  2. Brief introduction to biosolids – 7 minutes
  3. Objectives of the Guideline update – 8 minutes
  4. Process: risk framework approach, research, and consultation – 15 minutes
  5. Current status and way forward – 5 minutes
  6. Q & A – 10 minutes

About the presenter:

Rob is the Resource Recovery Manager at Watercare and has more than 20 years’ experience in the water industry. He has been involved with the management of biosolids for more than six years. Rob is on the Advisory Board for the Australia NZ Biosolids Partnership and is the Steering Group Project Manager drafting the “Guidelines for the Beneficial Reuse of Organic Materials on Productive Land”. Rob is passionate about finding pathways to sustainably use biosolids and other organic products as fertilisers and soil conditioners.    

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