Textile waste is one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing waste streams, their outsized carbon impacts relative to weight represents a gross waste of a high value, carbon-intensive resource that is both a priority but also an opportunity for decarbonisation.

Lead by Usedfully, the Textile Product Stewardship Project is a multi-year project which has been co-designed by NZ’s fashion and textile industry, creating a low emissions, circular economy for clothing and textiles onshore in Aotearoa. 

Stage 1 of the Project over 200 industry stakeholders participated in workshops, working groups, and interviews co-designing a Voluntary Textile Product Stewardship Scheme and delivering to Government a set of Industry Recommendations.

Stage 2, launched in March, is proving a pilot scheme, testing waste to value pathways and providing recommendations to the government of an appropriate vehicle to administer an accredited Voluntary Product Stewardship Scheme for Textiles in Aotearoa. 

Join a stellar lineup of textile experts from Usedfully, Product Stewardship specialists, and Circular Economy leaders. 

Learn how your organisation can play its part, decarbonising operations through your textile resources.

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