MFE are seeking your feedback on proposed regulations for product stewardship of tyres and large batteries. Regulations would give manufacturers, sellers and users more responsibility for ensuring used tyres and large batteries do not end up in landfills or the environment.


  • Every year around 6.5 million tyres are imported into New Zealand. When they reach their end of use, about two-thirds go to landfill or are illegally dumped, creating the risk of fire and toxic emissions. 


  • In 2020, and estimated 1000 electric vehicle batteries reached their end of use. By 2030 that number could reach 84 000 each year. Mis-managed large batteries also pose risk of fire. If they end up in the landfill or the environment toxins such as heavy metals are released.


Register for webinar sessions on the proposals:


Regulated Product Stewardship Consultation webinar: Tyres

4:30-5:30pm Thursday 11th November


Regulated Product Stewardship Consultation webinar:  General

4:30-530pm Tuesday 16th November


Regulated Product Stewardship Consultation webinar: Large Batteries

4:30-5:30pm Thursday 18th November


Regulated Product Stewardship Consultation webinar: General

4:30-5:30pm Tuesday 23rd November


Submissions open until 5pm 16 December 2021