Don’t miss this webinar. The Ministry for the Environment will be presenting an update on MfE’s compliance, monitoring and enforcement strategy. These changes will impact the Disposal to Land sector, territorial authorities and regional councils, as well as any organisations seeking funding through the Waste Minimisation Fund.

The Ministry for the Environment is the primary regulator under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. This role is unique as it is the only Act we directly administer. Limited focus on compliance monitoring and enforcement in the past has prevented the Ministry from accurately managing and reporting our regulatory performance. In response, the Ministry has embarked on a comprehensive process of improving our practice as a regulator, including through enhancing capacity and capability and improving systems. An evolving regulatory environment with increasing numbers of requirements and new legislation to monitor and enforce is a considerable challenge for a small team in a hybrid environmental policy agency. This presentation will chart the changes in our compliance focus over the past two years, including the increase in staffing, the development of new auditing programmes and set out what lies ahead as the policy changes come into force.

Scott Priestley, Dr. Marie Doole and Nick Kennedy from MfE’s Waste Operations Team will be presenting.

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