Our 30th annual WasteMINZ Conference will be held in Christchurch at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand from 5-8 November 2018.

2018 Conference theme:  A new climate-change law set to be introduced in 2018 will bind Governments to carbon targets and set it down a path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a public consultation process to kick off in May 2018  involving all sectors including business, farmers, unions, Maori, economists and local communities.

With this in mind, the theme for our 2018 conference will be:

If Aotearoa is going to hit this audacious target, our sector is going to need to play a significant part. We must drastically transform the way we do things. This will be our 30th annual conference, and we only have another 30 conferences until 2050. So we must swiftly move down this path.

Monday 5 November

Tuesday 6 November to Thursday 8 November

  • Main conference programme. 
  • The conference begins at 9 am sharp on Tuesday and ends at 1 pm on Thursday

You can see all the conference details here.