Presented by:

Rob Birse, Principal Adviser – Asbestos – Technical Programmes and Support, WorkSafe NZ

Rob will provide an overview of Asbestos Regulations in New Zealand to inform business of the licensing regime, challenges and opportunities.

This 30-minute webinar will cover:

  1. Recent history – disaster a catalyst for change
  2. Asbestos licensing and asbestos management plans – who needs one
  3. Challenges and opportunities
  4. WorkSafe NZ – moving forward with asbestos
  5. Q & A

About the presenter:

Rob is currently a principal adviser for asbestos in technical programmes and support for WorkSafe NZ, and has worked for the government regulatory in health and safety for 20 years. 

Rob has a strong focus on the construction industry in health and safety and his key areas of expertise in asbestos are:

  • Worked on an asbestos management project for NZAID on Niue Island follow cyclone damage in 2004
  • Is a subject matter expert providing advice to regulator and industry
  • Carried out assessment work in Christchurch following the 2010 earthquake
  • In 2016 was the project manager for the implementation for the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016
  • Currently presents to industry on the new asbestos regulations
  • Is a programme member for the WorkSafe response to the Kaikoura-Wellington earthquake
  • Presented to an international conference held in Adelaide Australia in 2016 and Sydney in 2018 on asbestos on implementation of asbestos regulations

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