China’s crackdown on the import of recycling materials has caused a huge market upheaval across the globe. While Aotearoa isn’t feeling it as acutely as some jurisdictions, there are most certainly long-term implications for the recycling sector. There are also many councils who are feeling nervous about their contracts, and the ongoing viability of collections.

This webinar will give a range of short perspectives on the current situation, as well as the potential long-term changes needed to make recycling a more sustainable endeavour.

A significant proportion of the webinar will be devoted to audience Q + A.

Webinar panellists are:

  • Chris Purchas (Tonkin + Taylor) – Contract and planning advisor
  • Alice Grace (Morrison Low) – Contract and planning advisor
  • Grahame Christian (Smart Environmental) – Collector and MRF Operator
  • George Fietje (Auckland Council) – Council contract owner
  • Keith Smith (Flight Plastics) – Onshore processor

Webinar format:

  • 10 am: Welcome and introduction
  • 10.05 am – 10.30 am: Situation overview and observations from panellists
  • 10.30 am – 11.10 am: Q+A. This is your opportunity to harvest all the knowledge you can from the panellists.
  • 11.10 am – 11.15 am: Summary and key messages

Please make sure you come armed with what you would like to know. This is very much unknown and constantly evolving situation, so there are no stupid questions.

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