Presented by:  Graham Aveyard, Science Team Leader – Contaminated Land, Environment Canterbury Regional Council

A review of current approaches to contaminated land liability, reflect on similar hazards to be faced nationally in the near future, and examine international approaches to identifying liable interests in sites.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  1. The currently liability framework – common law and the impact on current process
  2. What solutions available – clean up, grants, transfer of liability, LIM’s etc. Who pays?
  3. Future commitments, trends and problems – role of government vs the individual
  4. What options can we learn from overseas:
    • Polluter pays principle, orphan sites, liability investigations and legal process
    • Case studies from NZ and UK

The presentation will be followed by Q & A. 

About the presenter:

Graham Aveyard is the Contaminated Sites Team Leader at Environment Canterbury Regional Council.

Formerly an Environmental Protection Manager from Cheshire in the UK and Environmental Health Officer by ‘qualification’, he has developed and adapted to meeting a wide range of health protection demands over a career spanning 30 years.

He has been working in New Zealand since early in 2015, originally with Auckland Council before moving to Christchurch in 2018 and has a particular interest in contaminated land health risk.

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