As recently reported in The Spinoff “The hazards of lead paint were recognised long ago and it was largely phased out by the mid-1980s. But before then (particularly before 1945) lead was in most paints at concentrations of up to 50%. As the paint flakes, or is sanded back during redecorating, lead builds up in house dust, and in the soil around the house. The people living in the house may then be exposed – especially children, and anyone else who appreciates the culinary delights of dirt and sucking on furniture.”

Please join us for this webinar as we explore the issue of lead in New Zealand. This webinar has two elements:

  1. Lead in the NZ environment – what do we know? Presented by Dr Dave Bull of HAIL Environmental.
  2. Lead poisoning in children. Presented by Dr Nick Baker, Chief Medical Officer and Paediatrician, Nelson Marlborough Health.

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