WasteMINZ TAO Forum and the Ministry for the Environment funded research to investigate how to reduce contamination in recycling. This research included a series of bin audits and an online study of 1,740 people undertaken by Colmar Brunton.

At our webinar, the results of the research will be presented for the first time and will look into:

  1. the impact of product labelling
  2. public perceptions of compostable packaging
  3. the most common items contaminating recycling
  4. myths and beliefs that the public holds on recycling
  5. recommendations as to how contamination in recycling can be improved.

The webinar will be presented by Sunshine Yates from Sunshine Yates Consulting, Edward Langley from Colmar Brunton and Jenny Marshall from WasteMINZ.

Join us for information-packed, research-based insights into this major challenge in NZ recycling. All attendees, both WasteMINZ members and non-members, will receive a full copy of the research. 

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