Presented by: 

Esther Diffey, Principal Stakeholder Engagement Consultant and Team Lead Victoria, WSP

Waste and remediation is always accompanied by the difficult process of explanation. Projects face the challenge of managing perception, explaining both the current impacts and future state as well as dealing with daily interfaces with surrounding communities. Experience has shown that the projects that are most successful are those with comprehensible provision of information and engagement with stakeholders around them.

Understanding the perceived and actual risks enables communication and engagement to deliver a project far more successfully. Building off real examples this webinar will explore the different approaches to facing the challenge of explanation and the opportunities of effective engagement and the cost and time benefits for a project. It will also provide a framework for planning and embracing the changes the future of communication brings which may impact further on a project.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  1. The challenges of defining Stakeholder Engagement (SE)
  2. The gaps between legislative requirements and effective engagement
  3. Challenging the approach – examination of different projects and the outcomes derived.
  4. Framing your risks and opportunities – planning for engagement

About the presenter:

Esther is a highly skilled stakeholder engagement specialist with more than 16 years’ experience in stakeholder management, stakeholder engagement, risk management and strategic communication and project delivery. This has included major projects across the transport, water and renewable energy sectors, working for both large contractors and State Governments and authorities.

Currently Esther is a candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy broadly examining social procurement and social inclusion practices. Esther provides strategic advice to design effective multi-layered engagement and communication strategies, as well as initiatives to ensure social procurement requirements can be exceeded.

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