Below is a recording of the webinar on “Reducing Construction and Demolition waste via Deconstruction and Reuse”.

The webinar was held on Thursday 29 September 2016 and presented by Jeff Seadon (AUT) and James Griffin (SBN).

The deconstruction of buildings and reuse of materials as opposed to demolition and dumping is central to tackling the high levels of waste from the construction and demolition sector.

This webinar, shares results from research into the sector within the Auckland market, and examines what is currently happening from a deconstruction perspective. It also explores key factors at play and pathways to shift industry focus towards deconstruction and reuse.

About our presenters: Jeff Seadon ( is an environmental scientist specialising in waste minimisation and productivity at the Auckland University of Technology. He has 20 years of experience in the field having worked for central government, a crown research institute and academia. He has been involved in construction and demolition waste issues for the past decade, approaching it from different perspectives.

James Griffin ( is the Network General Manager of the Sustainable Business Network. He is leading SBN’s project work to accelerate a more circular economy, one where the lifecycle of materials is maximised, usage optimised and at the end of life all materials are fully reutilised. He has extensive commercial experience having worked in large corporates and owned his own business.