In 2013 the Behaviour Change Sector Group investigated the need for a food waste reduction behaviour change programme in New Zealand, and how the sector group might be able to facilitate the introduction of such a programme. It was determined that in the first instance existing data on domestic food waste generation in New Zealand was required in order to determine the size of the issue. In addition, to evaluate the need for a behaviour change programme, information on existing food waste diversion programmes and existing food waste behaviour change programmes was also required. A report was prepared for the WasteMINZ Behaviour Change Sector Group by Waste Not Consulting, with assistance from several other members of the Sector Group, to bring together existing information on domestic food waste in New Zealand.

Subsequent to this literature review two comprehensive studies were undertaken into household food waste in 2014/ 15. The results of these studies the New Zealand Food Waste Audits 2014 – 2015 and the National Food Waste Prevention Study  supersede some of the statistics in this report.