Presenter: Doug Backhouse, GolderAssociates (NZ)

Presentation title: Brownfield renewal incentives – tools for local government – examples from British Columbia

Perhaps no other single action holds as much promise in promoting the environmental, economic, and social health of local communities as the redevelopment of a brownfield site. In spite of these compelling benefits success remains elusive as local governments struggle to motivate success and do not frequently have a culture of support and context of enabling policy guidance.    The abstract outlines a detailed review of brownfield incentives undertaken by the Brownfield Renewal Program in British Columbia, Canada. The guide describes and assesses a suite of regulatory, process, and financial incentives which may be applied by local government to incent brownfield development. Specifically, this guide aims to help local governments understand:    1. what incentives are available and appropriate to encourage brownfield redevelopment by the private sector;  2. how particular incentives encourage brownfield redevelopment;  3. how each incentive is linked to provincial policy and legislation for municipal and regional local governments; and finally;  4. how to design, develop, and implement an incentive program.    A central feature of the Brownfield’s Incentive guide are two decision support tools for evaluating, identifying and applying appropriate incentives to encourage redevelopment of brownfield sites. The guide organizes incentives into the following categories:    • regulatory standards and guidelines;  • development approvals processing;  • financial;  • tax policy;  • local government participation and organizational structures for deal making; and  • environmental liability.    This paper draws from insights developed as authors of the Brownfield Renewal Incentives Toolkit and from direct project experience working with local governments and business improvement associations in supporting the redeveloping of brownfield sites in British Columbia.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Wednesday 23 October 2013