Presenter:  Rob Curnow, Community Change (Aust)

Presentation title:  Building collaborative approaches to change public waste behaviour

Many members of the public associate successful waste minimisation programs with having local public spaces that are clean, safe and liveable. Many waste managers who have previously relied on cleaning up and increasing the availability of bins to control litter face the challenge of finding more sustainable cost-effective ways to provide clean spaces and influence behaviour. Expanding programs to engage the community in behaviour change is vital given the inadequacy of the traditional approaches especially when faced with knowledge that most littering behaviour occurs with 3-5 metres of a bin.     Keep New Zealand Beautiful has formed a strategic alliance with behaviour change experts Community Change to help facilitate a collaborative, long term, measurement based approach to prevent littering.     Successful Australian whole-of-council approaches to building clean communities will be reviewed to demonstrate real behavioural, economic and community outcomes. The strategies used by councils, community groups, government agencies and commercial partners working together to resolve the challenges of litter hot spots will be analysed. Lessons will be derived from award winning programs in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, including the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Trends in progress toward zero waste, recovery of resources through public place recycling, over achievement of targeted reductions in littering behaviour and outcomes from comprehensive local engagement initiatives will be discussed.    Finally the presentation will integrate the achievements from overseas programs with local values by engaging conference participants in setting measurable targets for reducing littering behaviour across New Zealand. These targets will be evaluated in light of recent behavioural benchmarks and work underway to align Auckland Council’s litter prevention strategy with its recent regional graffiti management strategy.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Wednesday 23 October 2013