Presenters: Ewen Skinner, Morrison Low and Associates Ltd & Kimberley Hope, New Plymouth District Council

Presentation title: Collaborative relationships – Planning and negotiating increased resource recovery in Taranaki

As the New Plymouth District Council landfill nears the end of its life the focus has been on providing an alternative facility that will minimise the Districts dependency on landfilling.  This was achieved through an evolving set of collaborative relationships between the Councils of the Taranaki region, the commercial sector and community organisations.  The vision was to develop a Resource Recovery Facility to substantially increase resource recovery in the region for the 21 year term of the contract and beyond. In order to provide the facility in the most economic way the need to involve others was critical. This paper takes us through the journey of making this happen illustrating the key issues and learnings as we go through.    New Plymouth District Council facilitated the initial collaboration with the other Taranaki Councils around the scoping of options and use of the facility.  The subsequent procurement process was designed to identify options for the facility with collaboration from the commercial sector in terms of location, services to be provided, the mix of council versus commercial versus community activities, and the funding of the build component.  An “open book” process was entered into with the contractor to provide solutions acceptable to all.    Concurrently the Taranaki Councils collectively called tenders for the operation of their small transfer stations and kerbside collection services.  The recovery services, in particular recyclables and organic waste, influenced the design and operation of the facility.      The facility is to be developed in a staged manner building on the success of each stage.  Community organisations will be encouraged to share a Public Good Area, working with the Contractor and Council to increase resource recovery and resale opportunities. The Council has achieved a win/win solution for the region by working together to meet future waste challenges
Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2014
Date: Thursday 23 October 2014