Introduction to Composting Science and Management for Industry Training – An Overview of the Scientific Principles of the Composting Process (2007)

This Introduction to Composting Science and Management for Industry Training is based upon education material developed and published by the Recycled Organics Unit (ROU) @ UNSW.

The key purpose in developing this Introduction to ‘Composting Science for Industry’ learning module is to provide background knowledge and support for Compost producers who are seeking to adopt and achieve ‘best practice’ as outlined in Appendix K of the of the New Zealand Standard for Compost, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (NZS4454:2005). Such products are often made from, (but not exclusively), recycled organic waste materials.

The benifical reuse of such wastes (hence avoidance of the negative environmental impacts associated with landfills) is a key target of the New Zealand Waste Strategy (2002) entitled ‘Towards Zero Waste and a Sustainable New Zealand’. The NZS4454 provides a quality assurance framework which will assist in ensuring customers’ satisfaction and the overarching growth of profitable markets and hence, sustainable industry development.