A brief review of a range of consents for composting operations in 2007 indicated that there is wide variation in the consent conditions imposed and the level of detail required for consent applications. Participants at a WasteMINZ workshop for council staff and compost operators in mid-2007 agreed that a guide to assist with the consenting process would be useful. This document has been prepared in response to that mandate with funding from WasteMINZ, the Ministry for the Environment, and composting operators around New Zealand.

The Guide provides an overview of the key features of commercial composting operations in the context of the resource consent process, to assist with the development and implementation of appropriate and effective resource consent conditions for composting facilities. It does not eliminate the need for the detailed development of site-specific consent conditions. While examples of consent conditions are provided, these are not intended to be copied verbatim, or adopted without consideration of their applicability on a case-by-case basis.
Additional information sources on the science underlying commercial composting,