Presenters: Darren Perrin & Chris Purchas, Jacobs
Presentation title: Evaluating your waste strategy – cloud based waste modelling and strategy development

In the ideal world a waste strategy is based on good information and provides a concise summary of actions to be taken to get to a defined end point.  It is possible and simple track progress against the strategy with reasonable accuracy. In the real world it can be difficult to obtain reliable and timely data either while preparing a strategy or during implementation. Sometimes progress is viewed annually or less frequently and decisions made during strategy development become out of date since the tracking of data in real time is too difficult.      Yet reliable and timely data is necessary to provide a strong foundation for waste strategy development and implementation and to make informed decisions.  Decisions made based on incorrect information may result in increased cost or risk. This places emphasis on ensuring the accuracy, precision and timeliness of the data to achieve the desired strategic outcomes and wise investment decisions (for instance in waste infrastructure or education programmes).  Ultimately, informed strategic planning is a precursor to the identification of an appropriate, risk mitigated, cost effective waste solution.       The strategy development process can be improved by the use of tools for waste data capture and strategy modelling.  These tools can enable capacity building, collaboration and effective data management.  With most waste strategies involving multiple parties the best tools provide for collaboration throughout the development and implementation phases – providing visibility for all stakeholders.      This paper presents an outline of a cloud based waste modelling and strategy development tool.  The benefits of a cloud based tool include visibility of modelling and performance monitoring and the ability to make use of close to real time data at all stages in the process. The use of such tools will improve waste strategy development, implementation and waste minimisation outcomes.
Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2014
Date: Wednesday 23 October 2014