Presenter: Jade Barnaby, Sustainability Victoria

Presentation title: From Government Take-Back to the Future: progressing paint and paint stewardship schemes in Australia

Previously, Australian end-of-life (EoL) product management responsibility has primarily been addressed through costly government funded take-back schemes. Unfortunately, these schemes are under constant threat of restricting budgets and resources. Under the Commonwealth Product Stewardship Act 2011 – the responsibility for EoL product management will increasingly move towards industry away from government take-back. The Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria (SV) has been pioneering the Australian transition from government take-back towards a shared approach between government, industry, retailers and consumers to manage the environmental and human health impacts for a variety of products. Work to-date has involved identifying ways to support a shared approach for priority product EoL management including TVs and computers, batteries, tyres, paint and household hazardous waste, to prevent these products from going to landfill and to recover the valuable materials they contain. In the case of batteries and paint Sustainability Victoria has been instrumental in completing on the ground trials such as PaintCare, Australia’s first trade waste trial and Batteryback, a return-it-to-retail domestic battery recycling program that has recently expanded from eight sites to 40 across Melbourne. Data collected from these and other SV trials and programs informed the Council of Australian Governments’ April 2013 decision to place handheld batteries and paint on the Standing Council on Environment and Water 2013-14 Product list. In addition to running trials, SV this year also completed supporting documents that will be crucial to Commonwealth progress on stewardship schemes, including the business cases for both handheld batteries and waste paint stewardship in Australia. SV has been fundamental in developing trials and partnerships with industry, building foundations for product stewardship in Australia. Data collected, models tested and business cases written, particularly for those of batteries and paint, will become increasingly essential to the transition to industry led product stewardship schemes.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Wednesday 22 October 213