Presenter: Russ Martin

Presentation title: Global Product Stewardship Council

Globally, product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs are being implemented across a broad range of products and their life-cycles as governments seek to shift costs of managing particular items back to producers in the name of fiscal responsibility and greater environmental benefit. This creates opportunities for industries to secure greater control and reduce their overall costs through greater consistency and harmonisation. Whilst some industry opposition can remain, others are increasingly seeing a business case. Global trends in product stewardship and EPR, including legislative frameworks, program development, funding, visibility of fees to consumers and the roles of local governments, industry and other stakeholders as well as other relevant issues will be examined, including specific case studies from various international programs. Legislative drivers, program drivers and factors for success will be examined across these variables. Product stewardship and EPR help shift physical and financial responsibility for managing end-of-life products to the industries putting the products on the market. Policies are increasingly being adopted or expanded in North America, Europe, Australasia and elsewhere. Products are increasingly targeted and prioritised for action, based in part on hazard identification and risk. Industries will seek to minimise program costs, thus affecting options for program implementation. Examination of international product stewardship and EPR programs therefore provides critical context. Product stewardship and EPR have clearly moved on beyond the traditional views of governments, industries and NGOs. Clarity of roles and responsibilities is emerging during this shift from traditional end-of-life management to greater sustainability and stakeholder engagement. As more models emerge and apply to an increasingly broad range of products, there is a greater need than ever before to learn from the lessons of the varied programs that have been implemented globally.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Wednesday 23 October 213