Excellence in health and safety is more than complying with guidance documents. It is about creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone engaged in the Sector.

The original strategy; ‘Health and Safety in the Waste Industry – Industry Strategy’ (2006), together with ‘Health and Safety Issues in the Solid Waste and Recoverable Resources Industry’ (2007), were developed in response to the Department of Labour and the Accident Compensation Corporation’s health and safety concerns with the solid waste and resource recovery sector (the Sector).

These documents were developed by the Sector for the Sector; to provide guidance and outline responsibilities of participants in the waste chain, from waste producers to waste transporters, and finally waste disposers and recyclers. Content for these documents was gathered from both national and international sources to reflect good practice, provide current sector information, and assist those who work with waste at every stage.

The Sector has come a long way since the original strategy was developed, with the collaboration of the Sector influencing the practices of it as a whole, as well as influencing the procurement practices of territorial authorities. Major changes in how waste is perceived and managed in society have required the Sector to move quickly. The Sector’s nature means that it now faces some unique injury prevention challenges.

The Strategy has been reviewed to reflect developments in waste practices and technology and has been influenced by New Zealand injury data from the Sector. It reflects the increasing level of professionalism, commitment to good practice and collaboration across the Sector and is a living document that provides a leadership platform and guidance to the Sector.