MfE have provided some helpful tips to save time and make the submission writing process easier.

Helpful hints for saving time when writing submissions 

For a more effective process, the below hints will save your time when writing your submission and make it faster for the Ministry staff to analyse. 

  • It is ok to be short and to the point.
  • Ideally, copy and paste your answers into the online survey form.
  • If you’re writing an essay-style submission, please copy and paste the questions you plan to answer and use them as paragraph headings. This makes it easier for our team to match your answers to the consultation questions.
  • Please answer the questions in order.
  • If you have supporting evidence, share the link to the evidence or place the information in an appendix. You can upload additional information in PDF format into our online portal. The system accepts only one PDF file – not multiple.
  • We can’t accept scanned PDFs.
  • If you use parts of a template submission, state upfront that you fully or partially support the submission of (include the name of organisation or person whose template you support e.g. TAO Forum submission). Note any exceptions in the body of your submission or under a specific question.  Ie, Question 42 “We disagree with (include the name of organisation or person whose template you support on this question) because …..”
  • If you aren’t sure about something in the proposal, then get in touch with our team to provide you with further information/