Presenter: Jon Thornhill, RCN Group

Presentation title: Next steps for e-waste

Interactive session; short presentation (10 minutes) outlining key factors to start conversation, followed by minimum of 30 minutes discussion time. (Similar timeslot to 2012 CDL panel session)  In 1988 personal computers were slowly creeping onto the market and the world’s very first computer virus hit. 25 years on electronic waste has become a global issue. Product stewardship has been introduced by many governments to create effective recovery systems. Australia recently enacted product stewardship legislation, and introduced a co-regulatory scheme addressing electronic waste as a priority.  New Zealand is lagging behind.  Government funded schemes like eDay and TV TakeBack have mopped up some legacy waste. RCN e-Cycle’s user pays drop off network offers an alternative to landfill for households and businesses. The basic platform for product stewardship is in available. The AUNZ e-waste standards have been developed. The Waste Minimisation Act 2008 provides for the declaration of priority products and the implementation of voluntary and mandatory schemes.  Making the shift to a more viable and effective e-waste recovery system for New Zealand requires a wide range of players to work towards the same goal. The innovation we need is a mechanism for these players to work more effectively together.  This interactive session will build on the momentum that has been created by TV TakeBack which has meant councils, companies and community organisations working together on a shared project. The session will generate discussion of key issues and perceived blocks and barriers for consumers, industry and local government. It will identify allies, partners and opportunities to support relationship development. It will also clarify key actions required by different parties to progress the development of effective product stewardship for electronic waste. The session will show whether there is a stronger mandate for voluntary or mandatory product stewardship for electronic waste.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday 22 October 2013