Presenters: Ross McFarland, AECOM
Presentation title: Raising the bar on community consultation for remediation – Managing unintended consequences

This paper identifies some of the major hurdles created by having a fixed set of contaminant criteria to which a site must meet before it is suitable for the proposed use. This problem is not unique to New Zealand and has resulted in countless unsustainable dig and dump remedial projects. At the centre of this challenge is the manner in which human health and environmental risk is communicated to stakeholders. This paper outlines frameworks which have been developed internationally for communicating risk proactively from a regulator’s perspective, a consultant’s perspective and a scientist’s perspective; to achieve a successful outcome for both the project and those who may, under most circumstances be opponents to it.  Many rash decisions have been made by leaders based on the voice of the people, without weighing up the complete picture to ensure a practical model is selected that protects all stakeholders without the economic burden associated with a 100% clean-up approach.
Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2014
Date: Thursday 23 October 2014