Presenter:   Gerri Ward, Z Energ

Presentation title: Reducing Retail Waste: the Z Factor

Gerri Ward’s paper on Reducing Retail Waste: the Z factor, was runner up for the best written paper at the 2013 WasteMINZ Conference. Z Energy, one of New Zealand’s largest fuel retailers, has a sustainability commitment to reduce waste to landfill from their retail operations by 70% by 2015.  To enable them to reach this goal, they have leveraged the ‘Z Factor’ culture and energy of their retail site staff to encourage the necessary behaviour changes on the ground. This has been a journey of staff education and empowerment, learning by doing, and constructive collaboration. It has also meant breaking new ground through a national response to a highly regionally-variable problem.    This presentation will cover the story so far; what’s gone well and what has been challenging, and what has been learnt along the way. It will discuss influencing behaviour change through enrolment and motivation of staff; using internal inter-site competition to get best results, and working with their waste management providers to ensure outcomes and results are measurable and have integrity.    The presentation will focus on one case study on sustainability leadership, at Z Carlton Corner in Christchurch, where the team have led the way in reducing waste on-site and from the forecourt. They have partnered with their waste service provider to agree recycling targets, put in place processes and mechanisms to enable waste diversion, and enrolled other site staff in becoming on-site “Waste Warriors”. These ‘Waste Warriors’ have then been sought out across the rest of the network, and pitted against each other in a race to waste minimisation. The results speak for themselves: within a month, Z Carlton Corner was recycling 87% of its waste, and other stores across the network have been able to follow suit.

 Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday 22 October 213