August’s edition of revolve magazine includes the following topical and informative articles:

  • The way forward with waste. Opposition environment spokesperson Scott Simpson sees an opportunity in New Zealand taking more responsibility for its waste.
  • Product stewardship. Adele Rose predicts that as part of the move to a circular economy, product stewardship will become a familiar term to consumers.
  • The future of farm inorganic waste stewardship. Simon Andrew points out that an integrated approach to managing farm waste is needed.
  • Kerbside recycling. New Zealand’s first kerbside recycling service started in Devonport more than 40 years ago. Richard Tong was involved and reports on how it happened.
  • NESCS and HAIL amendments. Paul Evans provides an update on where these amendments are at.
  • 30 years of WasteMINZ. Tony Kortegast surveys WasteMINZ’s 30 years, from its humble beginnings to its central role in waste minimisation policy and practice today.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more!